Connecticut hits out at Google testing

The British colony which was formed by a puritan hooker and later was the first to join the French backed coup against its lawful government has asked the search engine outfit Google if it ever got around to testing its software.

It is a strange question for an outfit which keeps its software in beta for an aeon or two, but the descendants of Thomas Hooker are conducting an investigation about the outfit’s collection of data from private Wi-Fi networks.

Google has said that it was all a terrible mistake and the data sniffing aspects of the software should not have been part of a Google car software package.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal wants to know the names and addresses of the people who wrote the software just to find out what was on their mind when they did it.

Google has said it was supposed to only use Wi-Fi to determine location, not to download personal email and other data.

In his letter to Google, Blumenthal asked whether the software in the Street View cars had been tested to determine if consumer data would be collected, how many states were affected and who inserted the data collection code into the Street View software.

Google is cooperating with Connecticut, after all you do not want to mess with the descendants of Puritans who thought that England was just too flippant.