Computers get you burnt in Florida

A woman who was upset by her neighbour running one of them new fangled computer thingees, decided to resolve the matter by setting fire to him

Florida coppers said that religious Ludditte Marie John was very upset to discover that her neighbour had a computer and it was even connected to the Internet.

She popped around to warn him that that people were being murdered over the Internet, and that computers were not allowed on the property.

John warned that he would “burn” for using the technology and many would have assumed that it was some form of afterlife punishment she had in mind.

However it was fairly clear that John thought that technology vengeance could not be left to he all loving Jesus and she decided to send the neighbour to hell herself.

John’s neighbour said she followed him into the parking lot, then tried to light a rag that was partially stuffed into a beer bottle filled with gasoline.

Fortunately the neighbour he knocked away the bottle before she could light it and called the local coppers. John has been was charged with attempted murder.