Computer Engineer Barbie is coming to a playroom near you…

Barbie has decided to put away her dream car, hair salon and horse stables, in her latest career she has decided to become a computer engineer. But she didn’t decide by herself (oh no, not with her pretty head…)

A Mattel competition to help chose Barbie’s 125th career in the Barbie’s I Can Be doll series, was swamped with votes from Facebook and Twitter as Computer Engineer Barbie became viral amongst female engineers and other women in the tech industry.

Votes poured in and eventually Mattel conceded and launched Computer Engineer Barbie alongside the ultimate winner, News Anchor Barbie.

Complete with her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, her ‘geek chic’ specs, pink laptop, Bluetooth headset and binary code patterned t-shirt the doll is being hailed by Mattel as breaking down stereotypes and opening up IT as a career to a generation of young girls. Personally TechEye would have given her a decent looking laptop (hers looks like a Mac painted pink), no bloody Bluetooth headset (she’s not Britney, this time) and a three wolf moon t-shirt.

The announcement has evoked mixed views on forums like where users have commented: “Time to become a teacher then”, “We did it!” and “Now the next generation of boys will have incredibly hot girls in their computer science classes.”

You can reserve your Computer Engineer Barbie online now and they will be on sale in Winter 2010.