Cockneys say 'nah mate' to WiFi on Tube

Would you Adam and Eve it? You would have thought the Cockney inhabitants of good old London Town would ‘ave jumped at the chance to rabbit on their dog and bone when they are dahn on the old Rubik’s cube.

But one survey of the capital’s inhabitants says over half don’t like the idea once they have headed down the old mechanised apples and pears.

Despite many a chirpy barrow boy able to whistle along to a bit of Chas and Dave on Spotify like on the Uncle Gus, 55 percent would still rather that the stations didn’t start using WiFi at all.

48 percent of the lemon squeezers were scared that some tea leaf would have a butcher’s at their private info, and maybe even half inch something from their sky rocket, enough to take the Sandy Lyle off of anyone’s boat we think, with 31 percent scared of light fingered urchins on the network.

This was not just for their precious Joey Ramones mind, while you don’t see many Pearly Kings dragging a new pistol and shooter round with them it was said that portables such as laptops were what they were most worried would be targeted by little thieving blighters.

If this wasn’t enough, seven percent were worried that just the sight of all these new fangled technologies would be more hassle than even listening to the old trouble and strife back at the cat and mouse, as all those people on the blower at the same time would well and truly do their crust in.