Clegg still winning social media battle

We’ve got our latest set of social media analytics in from Webtrends and it shows, as far as mentions go, that Nick Clegg’s telly appearances are still keeping him very popular, despite alleged smear attempts from major media outlets.

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As we said just the other day, mention trends on social platforms often tend to mirror who’s going to be the winner and loser. For example, Webtrends only failed to predict the correct evictee from Big Brother once. This chart shows that Clegg’s had a four percent rise in popularity on social networks after yesterday’s second leader debate.

And no, we haven’t had our collective head in the sand – we’ve seen the #nickcleggsfault hashtag on Twitter. For those who missed it, there was a huge trending hashtag yesterday claiming all sorts of things were #nickcleggsfault. TechEye even suggested that Scrappy Doo’s introduction on the Scooby Doo show could have been #nickcleggsfault.

Webtrends took this into account for us and the 54 percent lead over Gordo and Cameroon is without all those mentions. With the trending hashtag, Clegg managed to haul in about 70 percent of total mentions across social media. This includes Twitter and Facebook, as well as forums, blogs, the whole shebang.

We will, along with Webtrends, continue to bring you updated analytics after the TV debates or big stories.