Chrome to support "do not track"

Google has finally caved in to pressure from the outside world and is bringing in a do not track feature on its Chrome browser.

Google had been standing up for the rights of its advertisers to know exactly what all its customers were doing. However, it appears that Google Chrome will soon support Do Not Track (DNT).

Support for DNT has been implemented in Chromium version 23.0.1266.0, as of build 156627. Google Chrome, which incorporates the open-source Chromium code, has yet to add DNT to its developer channel.

DNT first appeared in Mozilla’s Firefox browser and subsequently in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Opera.

Google had tried using a Chrome plug-in called Keep My Opt-Outs, but remained unenthusiastic about DNT. Few advertisers are doing anything when they receive DNT preference information from browsers.

According to Information Week, one of the reasons that Google might be happy with the move to DNT is that it’s not as effective as its creators hope because there are still disagreements about how to implement it.

Microsoft has raised the bar by saying it will set the default DNT to high on its browser so that no tracking is possible. Vole has been accused of creating a standard which does not comply with the specification.