Chrome threatens IE, Firefox

Google’s own browser Chrome has become the second most popular in the UK, overtaking Firefox as top challenger to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Versions of Internet Explorer are still the most popular way to browse the web, holding 45 percent market share according to analytics outfit Statcounter, while Chrome managed 22 percent. If Chrome as an OS really takes off, and the Chromebooks are a hit, we expect the browser to really start biting on IE’s ankles. 

IE is losing market share already as the consumer-at-large recognises they have an option to go elsewhere. Meanwhile, interested normals in the UK who buy into Google’s range of other projects will happily be happy to stick with it as their browser.

Despite legitimate privacy concerns about Google as a powerhouse, it seems the speediness of the browser is winning over consumers anyway. Google’s transparency in what it would like to use your G+ data for is honest, but should raise some eyebrows.

Firefox remains popular, and Opera will have its advocates agree that it is under represented and deserves more recognition. 

According to the figures, Chrome is number three worldwide, behind Firefox and Internet Explorer. Both Firefox and IE have seen their share of the market take a beating, reports the Guardian.