Chrome inches past Firefox in Internet Exploder's shadow

Google’s Chrome has leapfrogged Firefox to become the second most used web browser in the world, behind Internet Explorer. But only just.

A report from StatCounter says that this November, Chrome inched past Firefox taking in a 25.69 percent share of the worldwide market. The Mozzarella Foundation’s Firefox managed 25.23 percent – so really, they’re just about level pegging, but it does show that Chrome is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Chrome was only released three years ago. In that time it has managed to match Firefox and, StatCounter’s CEO Aodhan Cullen says, will also pose a threat to Internet Explorer. According to Cullen, we can “look forward to a fascinating battle between Microsoft and Google”.

StatCounter says its statistics are based on actual web use rather than pure downloads, meaning Chrome didn’t just manage to worm its way onto PCs. Still, it has a while to go before it catches up to Internet Exploder, which has dominated the market for years and years.

In the US, for example, IE has 50.66 percent of the market, which is some growth since last year’s 50.24 percent. Firefox is second in the US at 20.09 percent, but that is down from 26.75 percent. 

It seems the Yanks are switching to Chrome because it grew from 10.89 percent last year up to 17.3 percent this year. Safari has 10.76 percent.

No mention was given to poor old Opera.

The difference between Firefox and Chrome as rivals to Microsoft’s once-stranglehold on the browser market, is that they’re backed by very, very different companies.

The Mozilla Corporation is dedicated to looking after the financial operations of the open source Mozilla project. Google is dedicated to taking over the world.