Chrome close to replacing Firefox

Open sauce darling Firefox is about to get pushed out of the Ubuntu Linux universe in favour of Google’s Chrome, according to Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth.

Shuttleworth told Network World that he is a big fan of Google Chrome, and said it was a real possibility that Canonical may replace Firefox with Chrome as the default Web browser in Ubuntu.

It nearly became the default in the next version of the the OS but the decision was to stick with Firefox in 11.10.

Chrome won’t replace Firefox in 12.04, due out in April 2012,  because that will be the long-term support version which means that there will be nothing major added.

He said that the work Google is doing with the Chrome operating system, is having a positive impact on the performance of Chrome on Linux.

It is reaching the point where Chrome on Ubuntu and Chrome on Linux is a better experience than Chrome on any other platform.

If Chrome were to replace Firefox as the default browser, users who prefer Firefox could simply download it, but it is a bit of a thumbs up for Chrome.