Christmas comes to the tech media industry

With civilisation in London stuttering pathetically to a near total halt following the merest hint of a snow storm it is clear that we are now entering deepest winter, and thoughts amongst the great and the good of the technology and media world are suitably turning to Christmas.   

With this in mind PostDesk has spoken to a host of major names in the industry about what they would like in their stocking this year, and in the true Christmas spirit of rampant materialism and unrepentant consumerism they were met with a raft demands for the latest gadget/tablet/notebook/shoes. 

Brian McBride, Managing Director of Amazon in the UK, said that his ideal present this year would be a 28” HD/LED monitor “for my PC to enable high-def streaming and sport watching”.

David Pogue, the personal-technology columnist for the New York Times, greedily submitted a full tick list of items he would like to receive:

  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • iPad (I don’t actually own one)
  • New everyday shoes (loafers-ish, 11 and a half
  • Fruit of the Month Club
  • Tropical Jelly Bellies
  • 2011 Prius

David Spieghelter at the University of Cambridge Statistical Laboratory is however more interested in personal vanity than world peace or any of that nonsense this year, requesting “more hair on my head” on the 25th.

Jemima Kiss at the Guardian took the time to write a full letter asking for a rather odd outfit:

“Dear Father Christmas,

In my quest to find the ultimate homeworking outfit – and something fractionally less pyjama-ey than pyjamas – I’ve been lusting after a OnePiece. It has always seemed deeply unfair that there are so few legitimate opportunities to wear romper suits as adults unless a) skiing b) wearing a wetsuit or builders overalls or c) participating in paraphitic infantilism. OnePiece appears to provide a more socially acceptable and, more importantly, a more comfortable opportunity for adults to wear rompersuits. I have, of course, been an extremely good girl this year.

Lots of love,

Jemima Kiss
Aged 35 & 5 months”

Jon Wheatley, founder of Dailybooth and another big kid, asked for a remote controlled helicopter, while Kara Swisher, tech journo at the WSJ, is just looking forward to bit of kip, “I really don’t do stuff like this. But if pressed: Sleep.”

Kate Russell, presenter of tech show Click on BBC, would like a shiny new Mac:

“My ideal present this year would be a Mac Book Pro – as my laptop hard disk died a few weeks ago and I really fancy getting a powerhouse portable so I can dabble a bit more with video editing & animation (I have been teaching myself animation in simple forms for a few years now)… To go with this extravagant gift I’d like a coffee grinder (which I actually think my father is going to buy me this year!), to go with my espresso machine, so I can keep enough caffeine in my system to stay up all night playing with the MAC :)”

Kevin Gilbertson points towards his own TinyURL site for his wish list, Craig Newmark of Craiglist fame has Leonard Cohen’s new album on his wish list, while Craig Skistimas, creator of ScrewAttack, was more selfless saying that the perfect Christmas present for him and “the rest of the internet” would be the “banishment of spammers and e-bullies (and e-morons) on the internet.”

Megalomaniac Matt Barrie, CEO at, meanwhile requested no less than “world domination” this yuletide.

Also asked was one Mike Magee, editor of this very site no less, who is obviously whole heartedly entering into the festivities this year asking Santa to bring him a “case of Talisker whiskey”.