Chinese visitors flood the White House

Chinese visitors flooded President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign and overloaded the website with comments.

Normally you would expect denial of service attacks against a political site, and talking about politics is usually blocked by the Great Firewall of China. But for some reason the Chinese changed a few rules which made logging into Obama’s site possible.

In what the US press is calling “Occupy Obama”, Chinese web surfers noticed that Google’s Plus service was widely accessible last week. The comments on the Obama campaign’s verified account are mostly in Chinese and reached a torrent in the last few days. The comments annoyed some in the US who felt it was their job to comment on Obama and it was the Chinese people’s job to make them iPads.

Hacks who could read Chinese said that most of the comments were fun. Some wanted a green card, others called for the end of Communist Party rule and the freeing of a blind legal advocate, Chen Guangcheng, held captive in his home. There were those who called for American freedom.

Ironically the Chinese visitors thought that the Occupy Wall Street movement was great because it gave people the chance to protest peacefully. Apparently, if they occupied president Hu, they would all have been beaten up and have pepper spray rubbed in their faces. They politely thanked Obama for allowing them to occupy his site instead.