Chinese government departments ordered to use legit software

From June, government departments across China will be forced to only use authorised and copyrighted software.

The new laws, which are aimed at all provincial level governments, are being brought in to crack down on the use of piracy and fake computer products.

Wang Zhicheng, deputy director of copyright department of the General Administration of Press and Publication, was quoted by Xinhua as telling reporters that computers of prefecture and county-level governments would all be installed with copyrighted software by the end of 2013. He added that since May last year, copyrighted software had been installed in central government departments.

From June, the laws will also force all government bodies to buy computers with pre-installed legal operating systems. Departments will also be given a set amount of funds to buy authorised software. Currently the amount spent on this totals around $168 million (1.06 billion yuan).

To ensure they hammer the message home authorities have also been ordered to step up their efforts to promote the use of genuine software in departments.

Since December around 15,256 companies have installed legit software on their PCs.