Chinese couple sell children for gaming fix

A couple in southern China have been found guilty of selling their children for $10,000 to support their online gaming obsession.

According to Sanxiang City News, the couple, Li Lin and Li Juan, from Dongguan, China first met in 2007 in an internet cafe. They were both were under 21 years old and got on because of their mutual addiction for online gaming.

They had a kid a year later but allegedly were not that good at looking after him. A few days after their son’s birth, they reportedly left him home alone so they could walk to an internet cafe 18 miles away.

When they had a baby girl they sold her to fund their gaming habit. Since that went well they sold their firstborn son and received close to $4,600 for him.

They had another son who was sold for the same amount, $4,600, however, they were grassed up by Li Lin’s mother who started to wonder what was happening to her grandchildren.

The couple didn’t know that they were breaking a law and said that they did not want to raise children. Children only really had any use if your sold them to make a bit of dosh, they apparently said.