Chinese army clamps down on online 'friends'

It is a lonely life being at the business end of the world’s biggest authoritarian dictatorship.

As a regular rank and file soldier of the People’s Liberation Army you are reviled by foreign nations for heavy handed tactics, while unlikely to endear yourself to fellow countrymen who have the audacity to speak their mind without your jackboot landing in it.

So after a hard days regime-enforcing a quick spell on a social networking site to catch up with mates is surely little to ask.  If you have many of course.

But,  Chinese authorities have stamped out such online frivolity, as making friends could play right into the hands of the “enemy”, say the powers that be.

This means that 2.3 million soldiers will be banned from using any form of social media according to China’s official military newspaper the People’s Liberation Daily, which is a bit like the Times only slightly less hardline and has a few more gags. 

Apparently there has been talk of a ban for a while now on blogs and state approved Facebook-like sites says AFP however there has been talk recently of the “grim struggle” that is being waged on the internet to stop details falling into the hands of the enemy.

Risks are highlighted such as posting photos during training exercises, or discussing details about duties, meaning no more online lols with YankeeSoldja249 about the lax security at the weapons cache you were guarding last week.