China tells Hillary Clinton to mind her own business

China has fought back after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was quoted saying “Countries or individuals that engage in cyber attacks should face consequences and international condemnation,” in a speech on internet freedom.

Chinese spokesperson Ma Zhaoxu said is a statement that Clinton’s accusations were groundless and harmful to bilateral relations. Zhaoxu asked Clinton to “respect facts and stop unreasonable accusations in the name of so-called Internet freedom”.

In her speech, Hillary had been commenting on Google‘s statement last week that it had suffered cyber attacks from China. She said the U.S. and China “have different views” on the issue of Internet freedom, and that “we intend to address those differences candidly and consistently.”

She went on to say that the US would be investigating Google’s charges against China.

China’s state-run media certainly didn’t like Hillary’s speech. The Global Times said in an editorial that it was “a disguised attempt to impose its values on other cultures in the name of democracy.”

In the meantime Google has confirmed that it still includes China in its growth plans while celebrating its outstanding sales success at the end of 2009. A Google statement said it would like to continue doing business in China. “We made a strong statement that we wish to remain in China,” said CEO Eric Schmidt