China strengthens its firewall

ChinaChina has adopted a sweeping national security law which will tighten cyber security behind the great firewall.

Under the law, passed by the standing committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), all key network infrastructure and information systems will be made “secure and controllable”.

Foreign businesses and diplomats have argued that the law is vague and fear it could require that technology firms make products in China or use source code released to inspectors, forcing them to expose intellectual property.

Zheng Shuna, vice chairwoman of the Legislative Affairs Commission of the NPC standing committee, downplayed those concerns said that the country will continue to follow the path of peaceful development but we absolutely will not give up our legitimate rights and absolutely will not sacrifice the country’s core interests.

So that is alright then.

The national security law is part of a raft of government legislation which have followed in the wake of the news that US spooks implanted snooping code under the bonnet of US tech.