China steps up Internet monitoring

The Glorious People’s Republic of China® is worried about evil imperialist pig dog hackers who are seeking to take down its communist networks.

China’s media regulator has vowed he will crackdown on online crimes and is to strengthen monitoring to prevent “overseas hostile forces from infiltrating through the glorious people’s network.”

Wang Chen, head of the Information Office of the State Council, said the country would intensify a crackdown on online crimes as part of an ongoing campaign that he said netted more than 5510 suspects last year.

Xinhua news agency reported his comments as part of a story on an online drug ring.
Wang said that the world wide wibble was full of “harmful information” which was toxic to the revolution and he would prevent “overseas hostile forces from infiltrating through the internet,” Xinhua said.

The glorious censorship revolution, which has been successfully exported to Australia, seems to ignore the fact that a lot of hacks appear to be originating from, er, China.