China miffed at internet villain portrayal

The official organ of the Chinese government, People’s Daily, has dismissed  “irresponsible” claims that Beijing is the “state actor” behind massive internet hacking of governments and companies.

McAfee said this week that it discovered a five-year long campaign of cyber attacks on a networks of governments, organisations and businesses. While it did not name the State Actor you could hear the words “China” as it cleared its throat.

The People’s Daily is as close as you are going to get from China’s ruling Communist Party as a comment.

According to Reuters, it said that linking China to internet hacking attacks is irresponsible. McAfee’s report claims that a ‘state actor’ engaged in hacking for a large-scale internet espionage operation, but its analysis “clearly does not stand up to scrutiny.”

Desperate to “prove” the claims wrong, the People’s Daily quoted online comments that suggested McAfee published the report to alarm people into buying more of its cyber security technology. Quoting web comments as authoritative is a bit like asking the cat and then paraphrasing its answers.

“As the number of hacking attacks on prominent international businesses and organisations has grown this year, some Western media have repeatedly depicted China as the villain behind the scenes,” the paper said.

It seems that rather than offer any proof that it is not behind such attacks, China is instead trying hard to portray itself as the victim of evil western propaganda.