China clamps down on copyright material

China has once again announced that it will clamp down on copyright infringement.

It has launched a campaign, which will run until at least May, which will alert people to the illegalities of copyright. The move unsurprisingly comes from increasing pressure from the US, which is skeptical that the country can fix these issues despite China claiming that it has made significant progress.

It claims that in the last few weeks 650,000 law enforcement personnel have carried out 4,000 arrests while investigating 2,000 cases of serious infringement with a financial value of around $350 million.

According to TorrentFreak China has also been throwing it’s weight behind tougher punishments for those caught supplying counterfeit DVDs, as well as closing down sites offering pirated music. It’s given a list of sites, which it will remove music from by February 28th.

China’s three top video sites, which work like YouTube and include Youku, Tudou, and Ku6,  have also been busy deleting US TV shows and films from their servers. We have invited FAST to comment but it’s being a bit SLOW.