China "can do without Google"

The state controlled Chinese media have stepped up their criticism of the US and accused Google of being a tool in a propaganda war.

The People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Communist Government said today the “shadow of the US government is behind the politicisation of the Google dispute”.

And Google is upsetting China’s image and spoiling the healthy ties between it and the USA.

Dalai Lama meets George W. BushIt doesn’t end with Google. The Chinese government is still sore about the fact the US sends arms to Taiwan, which it considers to be a part of its territory; it gets terribly upset about the Dalai Lama and rejects attempts by the USA to in any way change currency exchange rules and affect trade. But the latest editorial in the Daily really goes off on one. “At present, Google search engine in China account (sic) merely for 35 percent market share, far behind Baidu, China’s largest search engine.”

It continues: “Some of China’s internet industry insiders maintain that Google has been looking for an excuse for its failure due to its ‘inability to adapt’ and loss (sic) to Chinese domestic firms.”

The US government is politicising the Google affair for its own ends, the editorial suggests. The internet corporation is a “political pawn” of the US government.

Finally, the editorial says that the USA controls the internet through iCann and root servers. America has an imperial mindset. More of it here.