Censored web searches do roaring trade

The latest thing for those who have the moral inclinations of a British politician filling in his expenses is to outsource the responsibility.

According to AFP, internet search engines created by Christian, Jewish or Muslim groups to filter out queries from web users in a way that is more relevant to them – and keeps them from temptation, alcohol and pornography – are doing a roaring trade.

Amsterdam-based founder of the Muslim-oriented search engine I’mHalal,  Reza Sardeha, told AFP that other search engines are way too ‘main street’ oriented.

He said he wanted to allow people to explore the web in a safe environment where you won’t bump into explicit content or immoral websites like pornography.

If you type in “booze” into imhalal.com, the search engine produces results that explain the Muslim viewpoint on drinking. Type in “pornography” and the search engine turns up nothing.

The site is getting hits from Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates as well as the United States.

It is so good at censoring stuff that it is attracting non-Muslims who want to control what their kids do 24/7.

AFP found a Christian search engine in Colorado which offers a “research tool” for people who are looking for biblical and theological content from an evangelical Christian prospective.

Amusingly called seekfind.org its engine functions by “only indexing websites that are Biblically-based,” “theologically-sound”, and “in agreement with our statement of faith”.

We tapped in the word dinosaur and there was an article which claimed that fossil “skin” looked far too young to have been made millions of years ago.  Thus proving that the dinosaurs were younger than the history mentioned in the Bible.  Phew, that clears that one up then.

The site said that you can have confidence that you will find content which will be “God-honoring and spiritually encouraging”.

Then there’s Jewogle, which apparently is a kosher Google.

Generally such sites are doing okay, although if they get too niche, such as an African-American search engine called rushmoredrive, they have a tendency to tank.