Celebrity stalking gets easier

The paparazzi, people with no life, and psychos have been given a powerful new tool to stalk celebs.

A new website JustSpotted.com collates celebrity sightings around the world in real time and plots them on a Google Map.

The site is up and running but launches in four days. It uses sightings published on Twitter and data from services such as Facebook, Foursquare and blogs. Effectively it is a mixture of search engine and bird-spotting site.

It uses computer algorithms to scan through the millions of tweets that get published every day and to pull out celebrity sightings.

These are then published on a map of the world with information about their location. So if you want to know which gutter Lindsay Lohan is throwing up in, this is the site for you.

The smart money is that the site will make the most cash from Justin Bieber fans, who call themselves “Bliebers” and have a tendency to tail the poor kid like he was something from Twilight.

More than 7000 celebrities will be tracked. We are not sure how long it will last. The site is sure to raise the hackles of privacy campaigners, even if the information is publicaly available information.

Apparently it has even annoyed the mighty celeb publicist Max Clifford told The Independent that the launch of the site was “potentially very dangerous” and “another step in the direction of Big Brother society”.

Max points out that there are lot of “very funny people out there”and if they can find out where celebrities are, then there is a chance it puts the celebrities at risk.

The site is similar to Gawker Stalker Maps, which was launched in 2006. That sked users to email or text in celebrity sightings. However it was shut down after a spat with George Clooney.