Canadian judge orders ISP to reveal Facebook bully identities

A Candadian judge has ruled that an ISP must hand over details of Facebook cyber bullies.

A number of people allegedly badmouthed a 15-year-old girl on a Facebook page and the girl’s parents took the matter to court in order to discover the identity of the bullies.  

The family’s lawyer, Michelle Award, tried to ensure that the girl’s identity would remain secret and that the defamatory comments made about her would not be revealed, but lawyers for a number of news agencies, including Halifax Chronicle Herald and Global TV, argued that embarassment is not justification enough for media agencies to not cover the story, which the judge, Justice Arthur LeBlanc, agreed with.

LeBlanc ordered the internet service provider Eastlink, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to hand over customer information of the person or people who created the Facebook page that caused all this trouble. Since the family has already proven that it is willing to go to court over the issue we assume that once they discover the identify of the bullies another court action will be taken against them.

The funny thing is that the girl probably just wanted the nasty comments removed from the web, but now they will be plastered all over Canadian television for an even wider audience.