Businesses tighten up on social networking at work

Many employees would be lying if they said they didn’t spend any of their working day on some kind of social networking site such as Twitter and Facebook. However, it seems companies are wising up and tightening their policies on the way people use these channels at work.

A survey by US IT recruitment firm Robert Half Technology, has found that 38 percent of  CIOs have tightened up on the amount of fun, communication we have at work and implemented stricter social networking policies. This is more than twice the number (17 percent) who say they have relaxed the rules.

A total of 1400 CIOs were asked: “As social networking has become more of a business tool, how have you had to re-evaluate your IT policies surrounding its use by employees in your company?”

Responses included 23 percent claiming they were more strict with respect to personal use and 15 percent claiming they were more strict with respect to business use. Only 7 percent said they had loosened up with respect to personal use.     
 Dave Willmer, executive director of Robert Half Technology, said: “The challenge for companies is balancing the benefits of social media in the workplace with the risks.

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to social networking policies. To be effective, guidelines should include input from stakeholders throughout the organisation, including IT, legal, human resources, marketing, public relations and front-line employees.”

Thank goodness for iPhone and Blackberry access to social networking sites.