BTJunkie shuts before Big Content gets it

A popular file-sharing indexing site, BTJunkie, has voluntarily shut down over fears that Big Content has taken control of the US police force.

The British site’s closure comes three weeks after police managed to lock up the founder of Megaupload and shut the site down.

The site has been running since 2005 but it has now reached the end of the line.

“We’ve been fighting for years for your right to communicate, but it’s time to move on… it’s been an experience of a lifetime, we wish you all the best!” it said.

The site has provided a search engine for Bit Torrent files and was one of the top five torrent sites with “dozens of millions of users a month.”

According to TorrentFreak, an unidentified founder of BTJunkie said BTJunkie’s decision to close down stemmed partly from recent legal actions against Megaupload and The Pirate Bay.

BTjunkie was never targeted directly by copyright holders, but there were fears that it might be next on the RIAA and MPAA’s shopping list. The site was reported to the US Trade Representative (USTR) November last year which is a sign Big Content was leaning on various governments to shut the site down.

Both the RIAA and MPAA listed the torrent index as a ‘rogue’ site that facilitated mass copyright infringement. Then again, the MPAA thinks that Google is the same thing.