BT Openzone trials wireless broadband on London Tube

We may be soon be able to wile away those boring tube rides by accessing the net on our laptops and phones, if a pilot being run by BT Openzone proves successful.

The hotspot company has teamed up with London Underground to conduct a six month trial of wireless broadband internet access services at Charing Cross Tube Station, which will begin on November 1.

Customers taking part in the trial, which will be piloted on the Northern and Bakerloo lines, will be able to log on to the internet from their laptops or mobile phones. The trial seeks to test how the service works and look at customer take up and is being entirely funded by BT.

However, it won’t cost BT too much as it will piggy-back on an existing wireless network, currently used by TfL staff, making it much cheaper to deploy.

It will initially be installed in the ticket hall area and Northern and Bakerloo line platforms at Charing Cross Tube station. These will add to the 1.6 Million BT wireless broadband hotspots already working in the UK.

Users will be able to log into travel updates free but other services require a subscription to BT’s Openzone network of WiFi hotspots, which is bundled with BT Broadband and mobile contracts with O2, Tesco Mobile, Vodafone and Orange.