BT opens 100 TechEye offices in London

BT has just opened almost 100 TechEye offices around London.

Yes, teaming up with Heineken, BT broadband customers will now get free wi-fi at a range of pubs in London and eventually around 200 up and down the country.

The only way we could be happier is if Sam Smith’s – where you can get a pint for just over £2, a rare London bargain – teamed up with one of these wi-fi providers. Murdoch’s Cloud would do: forget McDonalds, Sam Smith’s and internet is a guaranteed winner.

You’ll be able to connect through that OpenZone thing, which is the annoying service your phone tries to connect to at train stations because it thinks it’s free wi-fi. When logged into Heineken and BT’s joint service, you’ll be able to access location-specific stuff including local news, features, where you can go, and other stuff like that.

Including, we guess, the next nearest BT Openzone pub – opening up a whole new world of possibility for mid-afternoon office pub crawls and copy that lookhs liek thiess.

Of course, plenty of pubs in London offer free wi-fi already. Until we plant our roots full-time, perhaps, at Shoreditch’s TechHub, we salute you BT, but our publisher probably doesn’t.