Broadband for all says Gordon Brown

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has told British voters if they vote for his unique bundle of charisma in the next election he will give them all a super-fast broadband connection.

Mr Smile said that super-fast broadband will be available to every home in the UK by 2020, if he is re-elected.

He warned of the risk of a “new digital divide” if the government leaves broadband supply to the market.

The Conservatives claim they have made a similar promise although they think that their chums in the industry will pay for it.

Brown said that faster broadband speeds will allow for cheaper and better public services as well as ushering in more sophisticated entertainment options and making trade easier.

Brown’s plan is to have 50p-a-month levy on landlines to help ensure that rural areas do not miss out on a fast network.

The Tories claim that it would be better to force BT to open up its network to competition, and if necessary use cash from the BBC licence fee to fill in gaps in the fast broadband network.