Brits spend nearly a day a month online

The average Brit spends nearly one day each month online, with most of that time spent on social networking sites research has found.

The new survey by the UK Online Measurement company (UKOM)  shows that Brits spend 65 percent more time online than they did three years ago with the average person spending 22 hours and 15 minutes on the net each month. Unlike us, who spend either 28, 29, 30 or 31 days online depending on month and year.

Many of these hours are spent on social networking sites where we assume people wile away hours poking and chatting to friends and cyber-stalking. However it seems we’ve lost our hunger for instant messaging spending only five percent of our time on these as opposed to 14 percent three years ago.

Email use has increased slightly over the last three years, with the average Brit spending 7.2 percent of their online time using email, up from 6.5 percent three years ago.

Online news has also seen strong growth with 2.8 percent of online time spent browsing such sites compared to just 1.5 percent three years ago.