BP lazily prods at social media with facepalmingly obvious sponsored Digg

Remember how BP, during the Gulf oil spill, was buying up all the related search advertising it could and investing heavily in SEO to make sure people got the news from BP, not, er, the news?

A Twitterer, @AndrewGirdwood, has spotted some interesting tactics from the shamed oil giant. The “Top News” homepage on Digg, covering all topics, featured an article called “Offshore world looks good after Gulf oil spill, scientists say.”

It received two digs at the time of the screencap compared to others in the region of 70-100 around it. Underneath is a dead giveaway: it’s a sponsored Digg by “BP America”.

At least it is being transparent with its spin machine. The promoted article says that, while not a scientific assessment (as the headline suggests), researchers familiar with the northern area of the Gulf of Mexico say that the ocean is looking a little more like it should be. 

“Working from the grand caveat that most of the information we have is anecdotal and suggestive,” bgins Monty Graham, biologist at Dauphin Island Sea Lab, “it does not appear that there are large pools of oil running around on the bottom, wreaking havoc.” 

Anyone fancy a whip-around to get promoted next to a BP post?

We’re aware promoted whatevers aren’t uncommon, but how about a bit more effort, BP? Strongarming people into reading what you want them to read generally doesn’t do so greatly in social.