"Boycott BP" page disappears mysteriously from Facebook

Facebook has managed to “lose” a “Boycott BP” Facebook fan page, which reportedly disappeared from the site.

According to reports on TheNextWeb, posting on CNN’s iReport, a section of the news site dedicated to letting “real people” report the news, a member known as yadayadatwin suggests that Facebook has removed the page, severing connections with almost 800,000 of the groups members.

This wouldn’t be the first time the social networking site has appeared to have blocked potentially controversial pages. In the run up to the election debates featuring the big 3 of British politics on telly, Facebook appeared to censor a number of pro Labour and LibDem groups and pages.

And it seems it’s doing the same again. According to the report, people from all over the world shared video clips, pictures, and frustration over what has been an incredibly slow process by BP to one of the worst economic and environmental disasters the USA has ever seen.

The creator of the group, Lee Perkins, has had some media interest with outlets focusing on the Boycott BP movement. This in turn has helped to bump up the number of members on the Facebook page.

However, it looks like Facebook doesn’t like this for whatever reason. The report claims that people visiting the Boycott BP fan page today will be redirected to the Facebook home page.

It doesn’t seem as though the social networking site’s draconian measures are enough to stop the BP boycotters with Lee Perkins creating a new Facebook group that has already managed to gain 6500 new members.

Update: The page is now mysteriously back online and you can have a look at it here. It seems some fans may have taken an enforced hike as well. People are wondering what the heck happened, and we’d like to know too.