Bored Twitter man lumps Bieber nuts together

There is so much talk about in these latter days of the digital revolution about this ‘social media’ – you know, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, et al. So it is good to see that some developers are using the available technology floating about the internet-o-sphere to well and truly innovate and aggregate the most important information, the burning hot topics that are on everyones mind.

Enter developer Mike, whose blog you can find here, who has made a web app that will display all of Justin Bieber’s uberfans desperately pining for his affection and his attention, straight from the Twitter API.

For those old geezers not in the know, Justin Bieber is a cringe-worthy pre-pubescent pantywaste who a lot of other prepubescent minislapper trollops-to-be are going mental for worldwide. Here’s a video of the boy dunder megafailing on embarrassing on the other end of the age scale British national untreasure Tim Westwood’s radio show, for extra clarification. 

Why make this site, Mike asks himself on his own FAQ – the same was asked of Edison, he succinctly replies. We agree.

Here are some choice cuts of desperation from Biebophiles all over:
“@justinbieber you are such an inspiration! ♥♡ I love My World 2.0! Please please please follow me! It would make me so happy! ☺ Much love! ♥”

“@justinbieber make my dreams come true and follow me? <3”

“@justinbieber plizz follow me follow me follow me follow me for LOve HAHA!”

Puke. Check out Waiting for Bieber here.