Blizzard backs down on Real Names

Gamer outfit Blizzard has decided to back down on a daft plan to make users place their real names in any online webgroups.

The cunning plan created a storm when it first was announced. While it meant that people called John Smith were safe, women and people with strange names were all possible targets for stalkers, ID fraudsters and the President of Nigeria who was having some problems with his bank account.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Blizzard Entertainment is backtracking on plans to require players to use their real names when posting on its online forums.

Now Blizzard said it will still press ahead with the other changes intended to curb bad behaviour in the game forums. These include the ability to vote comments up or down, with low-rated posts slowly disappearing.

It has not abandoned its optional “Real ID” program, which lets gamers use their true identities when playing.   Apparently if you want to use your real name you still can.  

It seems that another attempt to protect people from real life and the dark underbelly of humanity has bit the dust.  We wonder why people bother.