Binge drinking Brits populate deFacebook

If you wanted to discover what a nation of people were like by looking at Facebook, you would assume that the country which bought the world the steam locomotive and the flush toilet is full to the brim with winos.

According to a survey carried out by, over three quarters of pictures that Brits are tagged in show them drunk.

Over half  said that they have blotto snaps on their profile they wish their colleagues could not see and eight percent said there were some images that could result in serious trouble for them at work.

The problem is that more than 65 percent said they had deliberately tagged their friends in ’embarrassing’ photos. Nearly all Brits have untagged themselves from pictures in the past because they saw them as shameful.

Thanks to Facebook’s security settings being one of life’s mysteries, only 12 percent have changed their default privacy settings so only they themselves can see the pictures they are tagged in. But more than a quarter say anyone can see photos of them on the site, while over half said their privacy settings restricted it just to those they are “mates” with on the site.

Rebecca Huggler, co-founder of, pointed out that it is worthwhile realising that photos of you having a good time inevitably catch up.

She said the Christmas party season is upon us so there will be more ‘festive’ pictures to come, “many of which I’m sure will also be fuelled by alcohol”.

’tis also the season to photocopy your arse and send it to the boss – though Brits may want to think twice, as Google Zeitgeist revealed the country is infatuated with hemorrhoids.