Bing will overtake Google in January 2012

The prediction business seems to be suffering from a bit of a burp lately, with some very strange fortune telling from people in the IT industry.

We have already seen a prediction which claims that Vole’s Windows Mobile 7 will be the number two mobile operating system behind Android, and now it seems that Mashable has been hitting the same vapours.

Quoting Experian Hitwise figures, Mashable says that Vole’s Bing search engine will overtake Google in the US by January 2012.

The prediction is based on the fact that searches powered by Volish Bing are increasing and if the trend line continues, there will be a real contest between Bing and Google next year.

At the moment Google is responsible for 64.42 percent of searches in the U.S. in March, 2011. Bing has accounted for 30 percent.

While Bing getting 30 per cent is pretty good, Experian seems to think there is still a tremendous amount of growth for Bing-powered search.

Last October, Google had 72.15 percent of the US search market for September, 2010 and Bing managed 23.64 percent. So over six months, Bing has increased its market share in the US by a third.

The beancounters point out that while Google still leads on Bing more than 2 to 1, when the ratio was 3 to 1 six months ago it would appear that the gap is closing.

At this rate of growth, Bing will overtake Google in less than a year – January 2012, to be precise. Is this what the Aztecs prophesied? 

Of course even Mashable is not sure that is likely. Microsoft will have its work cut out to keep that sort of momentum going.