Bing Sting matters little as search share grows one percent in January

Comscore’s latest search market results are out – and Google’s share has dropped to a devastating 65.6 percent while Microsoft’s Bing quickly threatens top spot at a respectable 13.1 percent. Er.

Executives at Google will be no doubt be cursing the internet as one percent of users in the States went elsewhere to search for whatever it is people search for. Bing’s 13.1 percent of search share in January is a climb of one percent from December.

While one percent seems paltry, an analyst with Macquarie Group, Ben Schachter, tells Bloomberg that the loss is still meaningful. He also notes that Comscore data doesn’t account for mobile search, where Google is more than likely to have a strong foothold as Android trumps WP7.

The Google Bing Sting, which allegedly revealed that Microsoft’s effort was pulling information straight from its database, seems to have had little effect.

The award for most impressive sequential monthly growth goes to Carol Bartz’ Yahoo, which managed 0.1 percent to take 16.1 percent overall search share.