Bing shuffles agonisingly slowly towards Google's dust trail

Web market research group Comscore has revealed that Microsoft’s Bing is continuing to crawl at the breakneck speed of a hobbled tortoise towards challenging Google in search.

Microsoft was largely mocked when it first announced Bing, but has been proving naysayers sort-of wrong by making an aggressive marketing and integration push to establish its brand.

Still, web users across America prefer Google – as its market share rose slightly across the country to 66.2 percent over January. Microsoft’s alternative managed a 0.1 point gain to reach 15.2 percent of the market, reports the Dow Jones.

Yahoo was the third most popular search service in the USA, but it dropped 0.4 percent to 14.1 percent overall.

In terms of numbers, that means Americans searched 11.79 billion times on Google in January alone. Microsoft hit 2.71 billion while Yahoo’s share was 2.51 billion.

Incredibly, three percent of the USA’s web prefers to use AOL made no change, at 1.6 percent of all searches for the month.