Bing makes tiny market gains, airs UK TV ads

Bing is trying its best, bless it, but is still failing to catch up to Google’s huge market share – while Yahoo slips a little and falls a few steps down the search market ladder this month.

Since Bing’s launch in June 2009, it has been clawing its way up in the search ranks ever so slowly, but Google is looking down perched atop the search ladder. Yahoo is still a couple of steps ahead of Bing, still casually in Microsoft’s face. Bing sheds a solitary tear, clenches its teeth and hangs on with gripping determination.

New research from ComScore shows that in February this year, Bing has managed to win 11.5 percent of the US search market, up point 2 from 11.3 percent in January. Google is still swelling, feeding itself, the gluttonous thing, and growing slightly in February to 65.5 percent. Yahoo continues its slide, dropping from 17 percent of the share to 16.8%.

Bing is still hopeful. The small and steady gains are thought by some to increase internationally with its TV ad campaigns launched all over the shop, including the first airings today here in the UK.
Google’s sheer dominance of the market shows no signs of slowing.

To Google something is a verb, to Bing is not – we at the Eye encourage competition to take on the monster, but we feel that there is a long, long way to go. Particularly here in the UK.  Google is a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm, the runaway son of the nuclear a-bomb, the one who searches and destroys.