Bill Gates thought Gmail was pointless

Former software king Sir William Gates III could not understand why anyone would want so much storage space on Gmail.

In his new book about Google, “In The Plex”, Steven Levy talks about Bill Gates‘ reaction to Gmail six months after the service launched.

According to the Huffington Post, Levy told Gates how in a few months after he started using Gmail he had already “consumed more than half of Gmail’s 2-gigabyte free storage space.”

Gates looked stunned as if this offended him and wanted to know how he needed more than a gig. He wondered if Levy was storing movies and Powerpoint presentations.

Then came questions thick and fast as Gates tried to understand how it all worked.

There were questions about how many messages there were and about the size of the messages. After Gates did the maths in his head. he came to the conclusion that Google was doing something wrong, Levy wrote.

Gates had tried Gmail and according to Levy he had also played with A-Mail, B-Mail and C-Mail. It seems he missed D-mail.

Levy believes the mindset was a clear distinction between Google and Microsoft. Gates started life writing code for systems where there was a major problem with storage space.

Google did not have that problem as it was born in an age of ever-increasing space where more was often better.

The Volish King has slammed Google in the past. Gates also felt that the outfit’s role in China was over stated. He once told the New York Times that Google had done nothing and got a lot of credit for it.