Bill Gates' Porsche up for grabs

A Porsche which once belonged to software supremo and now sworn enemy of the mosquito Sir William Gates III is up for auction.

Gates owned the 1979 Porsche 911 Turbo car in 1988 and 1989 when the word was his oyster and this was a top motor.

German auction company Dorotheum is offering the “extroverted metallic turquoise” car up on 2 June. We thought he was selling Steve Ballmer because he always struck us as a bit of an extroverted tortoise.

Although the opening price is $21,500, the company expects the car to fetch between $55,500 and $71,000. After all, having the motor that Gates drove at the height of his powers must be worth all of… well, it is a classic car too.

Sadly the auction is in Vienna so, in the words of Ultravox, “this means nothing to me”.

Dorotheum is showing the car with a shot of Washington registration cards from 1988 and 1989 with Gates’ name and address from the time.

The car comes with a thick folder with calculations confirming the expenditure maintenance and repair work. It seems that Gates spent a fortune trying to stop his blue car, er, blue screening. Most of it was probably spent trying to get Ballmer in or out of the vehicle.

The speedometer only goes up to 140 km/h so it is unlikely that the car goes particularly fast, particularly if you stick too much bloat in the boot.