Bill Gates' favourite band is U2

In a verified “ask me anything” thread on Reddit, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has admitted that his favourite band is U2.

As well as pledging to continue the fight against Polio, in a revealing comment, he said: “U2 is a favorite [sic].. I keep waiting for Spinal Tap to go back on tour”.

Gates also expressed his fears of a terrorist-instigated nuclear or biological weapon holocaust, claimed he is an avid bridge player, and also loves playing tennis. He enjoys touring interesting things with his kids, such as power plants and garbage dumps.

The biggest impact of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation so far, he said, is “getting vaccines for things like diarrhea and pneumonia out which has saved millions of lives”.

Gates also said he is dedicated to improving education in the United States, though he did not answer a well-rated question from user ‘jedberg’, which read: “How would you respond to teachers who say there is no way to objectively measure teacher performance, because it is too dependent on the specific kids in the class and their socioeconomic circumstances?”

The full thread can be found here