Big three IT firms push for privacy bill support

Intel, Microsoft and eBay have put their weight behind a privacy bill aimed at protecting individuals’ personal data.

Bobby Rush, a Democrat rep for Illinois, and chairman of the House subcommittee on Consumer Protection, is introducing the “Best Practices Act” and although the three tech firms are backing the bill, they want some changes… well just fancy that.

Intel claims it believes that consumer privacy is a priority, but it, eBay and Microsoft don’t want a clause in that would let people sue firms for privacy breaches.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Rush has welcomed the big three’s attitude towards more stringent Internet privacy rules.  Rush believes that consumers get the “short end of the stick” from the industry and doesn’t generally understand why individuals need to be protected.

The proposed act, however, is unlikely to get very far this year. Google hasn’t issued a letter backing the bill.