Big Content readies writs against more BitTorrent sites

Big Content is so proud of the fact that its legal challenge to Pirate Bay ended up with the site still running that it wants to repeat its legal tactics again.

While Big Content succeeded in getting the sites blocked, its operator facing fines, and in theory the site closed down, Pirate Bay still runs and, at least in Britain, is more popular than ever before.

That small fact does not seem to have stopped Big Content wanting to move onto other targets using the same tactics.

According to TorrentFreak, Big Content now has its sights set on Demonoid, ExtraTorrent, H33Tm TorrentReactor and Fenopy.

If the music licensing group PPL sending out an email to its members is any barometer, some pretty major torrent sites will soon come under the legal spotlight of the BPI.

The letter said that action against The Pirate Bay was great but that the job still isn’t finished, and that other similar BitTorrent sites exist which provide facilities where internet users can illegally download recorded music and illegally make it available to other internet users.

You can’t get anything past these geniuses.

The PPL says it doesn’t expect to learn that members have licensed work but in the event they have they should contact the BPI’s legal team by next Tuesday. We expect that the writs will fly the week after.