Big Content forbids reading stories to children

In another move which shows how in touch Big Content is with reality, a Belgian copyright outfit has decided that if you read a story to your children you are a pirate.

Apparently, if you read  great children’s classics as The World of Poo, by Terry Pratchet to your kid, you can expect Big Content to slap you will a huge damages case.

That is the view of SABAM, which is a Big Content outfit based in Belguim which collects cash for music royalties.

Apparently SABAM has written to local libraries across the nation, warning them that they will start charging fees because the libraries engage volunteers to read books to kids.

According to De Morgen, the local library in Dilbeek as well as a handful of other libraries across Belgium, have already been contacted by SABAM which is outraged that twice a month the library brings in a volunteer who reads stories to 10 children. A library spokesman said that there’s no budget to compensate people who read to the kids.

SABAM wants about 250 Euro a year so that the library can read the books to the kids. SABAM has confirmed that the story is true and is not an early April Fool’s joke.

According to NextWeb, SABAM is already facing court after accusations of falsifying accounts to cover up bribe payments, abuse of trust, copyright fraud and embezzlement so it is probably looking for more ways to raise money.

However it does show the sort of mentality that Big Content has in tracking down people it claims are internet pirates.