"Big changes" coming to Google

A Google employee says that there will be some very “big changes” at the company soon, which could see a major shift in how it deals with Adsense.

The Google employee, who goes by the name Moultano, said: “At the organisational level, Google is essentially chaos.” He added that once an employee has demonstrated that he or she is good enough to do stuff on their own, “you’re pretty much free to work on whatever you think is important.”

This freedom, which includes 20 percent of paid time devoted entirely to personal projects, could be causing problems for Google. Moultano said that there is no mechanism in place for shifting priorities, which could be particularly devastating to the company if it needs to change its direction.

That said, Google has been doing extremely well with its current business model. Its fourth quarter 2010 results showed a revenue increase of 26 percent on the same period in 2009, so while it has changed its CEO, it’s unlikely that it will shake up the company structure too much to deal with the “chaos” one worker suggests is present.

One area that Google will focus on, however, is Adsense, with Moultano revealing that Google has been working on revising Adsense for a long time – and that it has recently made some good progress. He said: “You can expect some big changes here very shortly.” 

Moultano said it’s difficult to provide ads that qualify as high quality while also remaining true to Google’s goal of providing on-topic advertising, but the changes it plans to make appear to be aimed in this direction.

Moultano also suggested that Google would “dramatically” change how it employs links, but did not specify what we are likely to see. Regardless, it looks like some major changes are coming to Google products soon.