BidChase is licence to print money

BidChase is proof that there’s ways of making dosh online and suckering in punters from all over. If you’re not aware, it’s one of those sites which lures users in with the promise of desirable, shiny things at a cheap price – it is shouting from the rooftops that it’s flogged an iPad for as little as 81 pence.

Of course, if something sounds too good to be true it usually is. You buy bidding points which you then use to instantly click on live auctions in the hope that you’ll be the last one before a timer hits zero and get some dosh or goods at cheap cheap prices. However, just 50 bids costs £37.50. We had a try and you can get rid of these in about an hour’s dedicated bidding.

And as soon as you bid on something, the timer resets itself by fifteen seconds away from the magic zero, so you’ve got all these duped bargain hunters clicking away at the last minute competing against each other. Each time there’s a bid, the price goes up by a penny. 

In BidChase’s latest press release it offers a code for journos to have a go at the service and it gave us 50 free bids. There was a featured auction for a cash sum of £5,000. We’re pretty certain skint journos up and down the country were all competing with each other, editors across the land salivating over a bit of extra budget.

The thing with these sites is, theoretically, they can limit how many and which items are being bid on according to traffic. Sure, someone will win the prize in the end, but BidChase will have had plenty of your hard-earned to easily pay off the prize.

It’s a licence to print money. Oh, and we didn’t win that £5,000 so we won’t be giving our writers a pay rise after all. It’s here