Banker caught looking at saucy pictures will be disciplined

A dirty banker who was caught looking at naughty pictures during an interview with Australia’s 7 News will face a disciplinary in ‘the next few days’.

David Kiely was spotted in the background of a live interview, clearly looking at saucy pictures of the model Miranda Kerr from a recent GQ Magazine shoot. Since then the footage has had more than 200,000 individual viewings on global network YouTube.

Local Australian news reports that Ms Kerr was unaware of the incident when she landed in Sydney yesterday.

Mr Kiely is currently on leave from Macquarie Bank after the gaffe appeared on Tuesday. The banks has said that his disciplinary is likely to be a lengthy process, as the bank wants to avoid potential unfair dismissal claims if Mr Kiely does leave. It has been reported in local press that the bank has received widespread client feedback on the incident.

His predicament has sparked debate in Australia, with popular pop culture site Popsugar asking readers to vote between “Yes, bankers are wankers. I wouldn’t want him managing my money”, and “No give the guy a break, who wouldn’t want to check out Miranda Kerr nekkid”.

The interview with Mr Kielys collegue was to discuss interest rates shortly after the Reserve Bank’s decision to remain on hold.