Bank of America buys up embarrassing domain names

The Bank of America has decided to buy up the domain names of their employees to prevent them falling into the hands of hackers.

Apparently the bank is worried that the hackers will buy the domain names which are derived from the names of their staff and stick porn or malware on them.

The bank is worried that Wikileaks is about to release shedloads of documents about its directors and senior executives.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told the Times that he had enough dirt on a major US bank to force the resignation of its senior leadership.

Assange did not say which bank, but it is pretty likely that a 5 gigabit drive in WikiLeaks’ possession has internal documents and e-mails from Bank of America.

According to Fineextra,  the Bank of America has apparently established a ‘war room’ to draw up strategy and rebut allegations likely to emerge from the publication of thousands of internal documents by WikiLeaks.

According to Domain Name Wire, the US bank has been aggressively registering domain names including Brian Moynihan:,,, and Moynihan is the CEO.

Last week, the bank joined Visa, MasterCard and PayPal in cutting off Wikileaks payments processing.

This lead to Wikileaks suggesting that the bank’s customers should put their money somewhere safer.