Ballmer to world: Zuckerberg one of the "good guys"

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, legendary face of impromptu interpretive dance and really bad calls has publicly said that aspiring internet overlord and Facebook supremo Mark Zuckerberg isn’t a bad guy. No, he’s one of the good guys, reports TechFlash.

Ballmer was giving a talk at Microsoft’s Redmond campus for the Citizenship Accelerator Summit. At one point, he said of privacy, “bad guys only have to be right once to cause problems online, while the good guys are supposed to be right all the time.” Evan Hansen over at asked Ballmer what he thought of Zuckerberg, amidst all the latest privacy woes and announcements, on the matter. Ballmer replied by saying:

“Bad guys are bad guys. OK? There are guys who are really trying to innovate and do interesting things where it’s complex. It’s hard. Mark is a good guy. Are they struggling with a set of issues? Sure, they’re struggling with a set of issues, and you should chat with those guys about it. But the notion that people are trying to do an innovative thing that advancea the state of the art, both in privacy and in communications, that’s kinda the way the system works, and if people don’t want to play on their property, they won’t play on their property.”

Zuckerberg has come out and admitted that he and his company has made some big mistakes on privacy, and saying that over the next couple of weeks new features will be rolled out to help make keeping private information private easier.

Still, while Ballmer seems to think good guys are good guys and bad guys are bad guys and that’s it, we’d like to remind him of a few noteable, real-life occassions where good guys have turned out to be bad guys. Some of them turned into good guys again, but listen, Ballmer, it’s just not that clear cut, ok!?!

Lando Calrissian
Everyone thought Lando was a totally great guy until he completely sold out his old friend Han Solo to Darth Vader’s goons. He said to Han and Leia that he had to sell them out to save his cool floating city but friends is friends. To his credit he got them out of a pickle later on and helped Leia and her friends to escape.

Matt Damon
Everyone thinks Matt Damon’s a cool kind of a guy, but did you ever see the Martin Scorsese documentary The Departed? It turns out that Matt Damon was once a police officer in Boston, Massachusetts, taking bungs from Irish mob boss Jack Nicholson!

Introduced in the Marvel Comics series X-Men – appearing in the first issue in 1963 – Magneto is often portrayed as a clear-cut bad guy. But the truth is, Max Eisenhardt wasn’t always such a bad guy. He’s a Holocaust survivor and his main motivation is to save the mutant race from suffering a similar fate. You can find all the details here.

Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry never played by the rules but his intentions were good. He was clearly a sociopath, but I’ll be darned if he didn’t do a great job of tracking down Scorpio.