Ballmer and Simpson: Twins separated at birth?

Speculation has been rife in the darker recesses of the internet, and one question has been waiting to be asked for years and we at TechEye are not afraid to ask it.

Have Steve Ballmer and Homer Simpson ever been photographed together?

Sure, some could argue that this is literally and physically impossible as one is a cartoon and the other a TV star beloved by geeks everywhere, but has anyone else noted the similarities between the two?

Now Microsoft’s search engine Bing is the new sponsor of the Simpsons, how much longer can this Homer Ballmer or Steve Simpson be kept from the public, we wonder.

The Bing sponsorship idents, before and after ad breaks, aim to be a humorous take on a family using Bing to solve problems.

In October 2009, Microsoft dropped its sponsorship of US cartoon series, Family Guy, because it felt the show’s content “did not fit with the company’s brand”. It had been due to sponsor a special Windows 7-themed episode but pulled out of the agreement after previewing the show.

The Simpsons, which celebrates its 20 year on the TV this year, will no doubt be scratching their heads as to how to include Ballmer in any upcoming episodes, due to his similarities with a cast member.

Bill Gates has previously appeared in The Simpsons in 1998, buying Homer’s business Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net.

Last year the Simpsons featured an episode in the UK in which Lisa became obsessed with a ‘MyPod’, from a ‘Mapple’ store owned by a black turtlenecked wearing overlord called Steve Mobs. 

And then, there was this Homer Simpson Intel ad, for the Pentium II…..